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GedView App


Sales of GedView are via the App Store. No purchase or customer information is passed on to us so we do not hold / have access to any records regarding the sale.

Your trees are stored, encrypted, on your devices, they are not sent to any website, mined for data, or passed on to anyone else, so you can be confident that any details of living people will not be exposed by viewing and editing your data in GedView. The developers of GedView have no access to your data.

iOS supports providing usage information / crash reports. These are anonymous and are opt-in. You can enable/disable this in the main settings app under "Privacy > Analytics" via the "Share With App Developers" option. You can also view the information that is shared in "Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data". Crash reports will contain GedView in the name. GedView may appear in any of the log items that appear. For this information Apple are the data controller.

To provide support we may request a copy of your GEDCOM file if we feel it is necessary to identify and solve your problem. When this does happen your file is only ever used for that purpose, and once again, not passed on to any third party.

All emails sent to will be kept in order to provide a history of support requests / suggestions to better solve issues or assist in adding new features to GedView. The minimum retention period for emails is 10 years.

Permission Requests

For some features used by GedView you will need to grant permission within the app. These can be withdrawn at any time from the main settings app.

Camera When adding a new photo / video to a tree GedView allows you to access the camera on your device to take a new photo / shoot a new video.
Contacts When creating a new tree GedView supports automatically adding people from your contacts. Selecting a researcher from your contacts will allow you to add that person, and any other people in your contacts you have stated are related.
Face ID / Touch ID You can provide added security to your trees by enabling a passcode lock. To make unlocking quick and easy you can allow access to Face ID rather than needing to enter your passcode.
Location GedView will use your current location when you request it for entering the latitude and longitude for an event / place, or for finding your current location on a map when editing a place.
Microphone The microphone will be accessed if you shoot a new video or record a new audio clip as a method of adding a new media item to your trees.
Photo / Video Albums GedView will access your albums when you are adding a new photo / video to your tree. If you decide to choose an item from them.